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I had a dream, that I was in my kitchen... and I wasn't really… - Dream Emo [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 28th, 2004|07:37 pm]
Dreaming Emo


I had a dream, that I was in my kitchen... and I wasn't really cooking, just kind of in there. Anyways, this white cat with blue eyes walks by and like I don't know how, but I know I need to follow it, so I do. The cat starts walking down my street and starts to cross the street, and makes it across fine, but I feel nervous about following it (fear of traffic) so I lag behind. and the cat turns around, and doesn't speak, but I know its telling me to follow it. So, I do, and as I imagined, I was struck by a really FAST red car. At this point in my dream, I am no longet me in my dream.. I'm watching the scene. The ambulance ride, the streacher, I'm watching from above, like I'm an angel or something. So, finally after a lot of commotion and whatever, I'm in a hopsital room, asleep or in a coma or something... and my family comes in... My mom, my brother, my Aunt Maggie and my cousin Joe. But, not my dad... or any other random family member. Then my friends come to visit... first Jami... then Pancho, then Nathan (my most current relationship) then Steve, and Exboyfriend of mine, who I haven't seen in more then 2 years... and everyone is there.. sitting. and I want to talk to them, thank them for loving me and supporting me, but I can't wake my self up. (At this point, I'm in the room and I'm ALSO in the bed...) and I'm in tears trying to get their attention and all they are doing is sitting and talking, to me. As in I'm right there... cracking jokes, like a normal day. Like I'm there. And I'm getting really really upset because I'm not really there... so I start yelling and getting really worked up hopeing to get their attention... but I can't. So, I get really really tired, and deciede to give up, and lay down in the bed (where the other me is already) and end up laying within my self.. and I wake up... as one person. And Pancho jumps up and yells, I TOLD YOU!!! and him and Jami and Steven run out of the room... and Nathan, grabs my hand and helps me out of the bed, and we all walk out... and then I woke up.

... anyone that reads dreams, tell me what the heck this could have ment.